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How many decisions does a teacher make each day?

Teachers make 1500 decisions a day!

According to a TeacherThought, teachers make more than four decisions every minute. That means teachers are making 240 decisions every hour. It's mind blowing—literally.

This kind of decision making can cause overwhelming exhaustion and answer overload. Edutopia refers to this as "decision fatigue." 

Heads or Tails Design Co. is here to help with advice, resources, and more!

How can teachers avoid decision fatigue?

Set a goal to make fewer decisions. When possible try to:

If you are a quality educator hoping to stay in the field, it is important to do everything you can to protect your mental health and avoid burnout. 

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I am an experienced educator with a library of original content from my years of teaching. I have been where you are! Make your life a little easier by utilizing my ready-to-use resources.

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